The Original Humans
One Love is Law 
in The Washitaw!

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 In 1996, the Emperial Washitaw Nation, of the Empire Washitaw de Dugdamoundyah, was recognized as one of the ‘oldest indigenous people on earth,’ by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.

On page 21 of their FINAL LIST OF ATTENDANCE of the Working Group on Indigenous Populations, we find irrefutable evidence.            One Love.
Excerpt from page 21 of UN Economic and Social Council  Publication listing
The Original Washitaw delegation recognized by the United Nations in 1996

   Peace and love brothers and sisters.

We have many things to teach

the world and each other about our story.

    Get ready. As usual, we are here

to set the record straight.  - Brother Umar

Time to Teach

to Love

& not Hate.

Her Royal Highness

Verdiacee Tiari Washitaw-Turner Goston El Bey

Empress of the

Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah

Extraordinary Indigenous Leader

Twice elected Mayor of Richwood

A Township she helped establish.

Gained international recognition for the Emperial Washitaw Nation and other indigenous tribal peoples in America

May 4, 1927 - April 19, 2014

Official Site of the Ancient Ones: 
The Mound builders of Muu